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A few more 46 2A Paint ?'s

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Posted by Sam on July 13, 2002 at 11:59:40:

Hi and thanks to all those who responded to my previous posting, this board is a great help.

I have just a few more questions and would really appreciate any and all input.

Items I need to know about for my 46 2A s/n 32366?

I beleive it had painted headlight bezzels What color? body or black?
Headlight pots? body or black?
Gas tank straps? it would seem to me they would have been body color if the tub was shipped to the factory with the tank already installed?
passenger side cast pivot hinges? body or black?
Rear tailgate hinges? body or black?

I promous, not another paint question from me.

here is one about a column shifter, the top pin that the shifter handle pushes into at the top of the shifter shaft just above the top spring, what holds it to the top bracket on the steering column tube? Mine has a bit of a stub on top that might be weld butt I am not sure. I assume it must be fascined some how or it will not stay in whenn the shifter is moved in the R/1ST and 2ND/3RD position.

thanks again, Sam

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