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Unusual CJ by Lycoming

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Posted by Jerry O on August 10, 2002 at 15:12:47:

I was wondering if anybody knows anything about what appears to be a CJ-3B modified by Lycoming Diviion of Avco some time around 1954?
I found a photo of a jeep modified to what appears to be an aircraft generator/starting unit. The photo is stamped from the Lycoming files on the back and dated June 2, 1954. It depicts the right side and front of a CJ-3B with a modified frontend, by the tail of an F-86
Sabre. A technician is plugging the Jeep's power cable into the aircraft's belly. The photo is Black and white, but the Jeep appears to be all yellow.

Stenciled on the outside of the passenger side, below the seat is the following:
"Lycoming Model JB-1, Self Propelled Generator Set,
Property of Lycoming-Spencer Div., Avco Manufacturing Corporation, Williamsport, Pa."

The Jeep has some type of unit mounted in the rear section, no passenger seat, just what appears to be a flat raised board, Half-Cab canvas top w/doors, and here's where it gets good. The muffler comes out behind the right side step like an MB or GPW of WWII, the CJ-3B cowl and windshield are there, but it looks as if another CJ-3B Cowl section has been added from where the hood would normally hinge, then a CJ-2A hood with the embossed "Willys" has been attached to that,
angling down to what appears to be an M-38 grill with out the headlight brush guards. This hood/cowl unit is hinged on to the right fender with two hinges, and is opened by unlatching the left fender hold downs and throwing the hood over from left to right. To fill the
angle with the fender, an angled piece has been added to the new hood/cowl throw over hood. Wood windshield blocks are 1/2 way down on the new hood with a tiedown loop for the windshield.
The fenders have been neatly extended forward, and I believe the front axle has been moved forward also. There is no front bumper.There must be some type of mods under the hood to extend it out so far.

I don't know anything else about this CJ, does anyone out there know anything about it?

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