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NOS-OEM, CJ5 Soft tops

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Posted by Walter on September 12, 2002 at 16:40:08:

I realize that this is the 2A board, but thought that some of you would have some interest. I have come accross several NOS and OEM soft tops for CJ-5's, a total of 6 altogether.

Three of these are complete OEM/NOS top kits including attaching hardware, bows, top support framing around the doors, door frames - w/skins and the vinyl top skin itself. They are in perfect condition and are all marked w/ the "JEEP" logo on one side. Two are tan and one is black.

I have one more OEM kit that is more or less "complete". It has everything listed above but some of the screws, mounting hardware and door brackets are missing. This one also has the "JEEP" logo on it and it is black in color.

There is also a Whitco top kit that is also more or less "complete" for the same reasons as above -- missing some of the hardware fittings and screws. It is also black. It does not have the "JEEP" logo on it.

There is also a tan Whitco top skin only. It has the sunroof or skyview option. This is the skin only.

There are 2 pair of doors, one pair of black ones for a CJ-7, and one pair for CJ-5's -- one is tan and one is black.

All of these appear to have been manufactured by White Automotive Company, of Colorado Springs from the mid 1970's until the mid 1980's. They are all in perfect condition and are super clean - in short - they are really nice!

If you are interested please contact me directly by email. Thanks for your interest.


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