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Posted by Johnny on October 12, 2002 at 10:13:44:

Just to let everyone know, I have been using the latest version of Norton AntiVirus on my computer and I update it monthly. It automatically deletes e-mails that contain a virus and informs me of the capture. There are no executable programs on The CJ2A Page, so there is no danger from visiting. The only way to catch a virus is to save an infected file onto your computer and run the program that contains the virus.

I would encourage everyone to make sure their virus protection programs are up to date. When you get an e-mail, make sure you don't open any attachments unless you are sure of the source. Even then, a friend may unwittingly send you a virus in a forwarded e-mail. Many viruses spread by sending themselves out to everyone or random addresses in a person's address book, so even if you receive an attachment from a friend you may want to be careful about opining it.

Don't open unknown attachments.
Be wary of e-mails -- especially those with attachments -- from people you don't know.
Be aware of any file suffixes with which you are unfamiliar. (Especially if the attachment has .exe on the end.)
Make sure your virus protection is up to date.
Let your friends know that they should scan their computers frequently.

The way to prevent the spread of viruses is to remain always vigilant.

I'm attaching a link to the McAfee antivrus page.

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