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Oil Pressure Problem

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Posted by Ryp on November 12, 2002 at 17:16:53:

I'm nearly pulling my hair out trying to figure why the oil pressure isnt more that 2lbs on the guage. Fresh rebuild, new guage, oil galley plug is in (checked it 14 times before the oil pan went on), oil is circulating. The oil seems to be backing up at the filter canister, would that cause a bypass in the pump? Would the bypass show low pressure on the guage? Here's my only guess.....The return line from the filter that goes to the timing cover seems a bit restrictive when it was installed, could this be the prob? The pump is circulating because the hard line going into the filter was loose at a fitting and it blew oil pretty good (all over the place), then one time I had the filter canister nut (on top of can) on hand tight and it had oil coming out and running down the side at idle.

Any help, here?


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