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The Jeep and the MGB

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Posted by Johnny on December 06, 2002 at 23:06:05:

The reason I started this page was that I had a CJ2A and there were no CJ2A-specific pages on the 'net. I got my first CJ2A, a 1948, back in the early 1980s -- just out of high school. I drove it all over the high desert around Lancaster and Quartz Hill. Had a lot of fun in it, too.

Then I moved to Los Hideous. No place to keep a Jeep, and since it was parked at dad's house I never got to drive it. Besides, I was broke. I sold it.

I'd always regretted that. A couple of years ago I bought the 1946 model you see on the Owner's Photos pages. It's much better than my '48. All original and runs like it's brand new. Heck, it doesn't even leak! (Touch wood!) The Willys gets the carport, and the Cherokee gets parked on the street. The Willys also provides a place for me to keep my kayak, and makes a dandy kayak transport down to the local marina. Much easier than hefting an unwieldy hunk of plastic up to the top of an SUV!

My first car was a 1966 MGB roadster that my mom bought new. I got it on the road around 1980 and drove the hell out of it. When I got my first Porsche I lost interest in the MGB. (I lost interest in the two 1977 MGBs I had as well.) The Porsche was faster, handled better, and, I thought at the time, more sexy. One by one the MGBs were sold off. The '66 went to a film producer from Burbank and the two '77s went to my mom and her husband. After driving them for a few years they sold them, the last one going to The Netherlands.

And ya know what? I MISSED that old '66 MGB! But I was still short of funds, what with paying off the Porsche and the repairs to it. I finally sold the Porsche and bought an econobox. Another econobox followed. After my roommate got a disgusted look from a female eurocar driver -- who also gave a disparaging glance at my tatty Japanese efficiency machine, I gave in to vanity. Okay, I really enjoy sports cars and I don't really give a damn how I look. I like the speed and the feel. But just at that moment, I'll admit that my vanity was injured.

So I got a Porsche 911. Nice beast, that! Fast! Maneuverable! Shining white paint! Fun, fun FUN! Yeah, that car was a blast -- until I had to do a photoshoot with a chick-band from London. Ever try to get four people in a 911? As much as I liked being crammed together with three sexy blondes, I had to admit that the 911 just wasn't practical. I bought a new Cherokee and sold the Porsche.

But I miss sports cars.

So what did I do? I've bought a 1966 MGB roadster from a seller on eBay. It needs restoration, but it was cheap and it runs. I get it tomorrow.

And now I have a problem: Where do I keep these vehicles? The MGB will be in a couple of shops for a while, while it is restored; but it has to come home SOMETIME! I have a one-car carport that is occupied by the Willys and my Yamaha (and the kayak). The Cherokee is on the street, and there's no parking one day a week on each side. Throw another car into the mix, and the logistics start to be a concern. What do I do?

The mechanic who fixed the Willys Death Wobble offered me $5,000 after the first drive in the CJ. He came back grinning and said it was like driving a brand-new Jeep. I wouldn't sell it for less than six, but I didn't tell him that. I told him it's not for sale. And what if I DID sell it? I sold a CJ2A once and regretted it. I had to get another. You just KNOW I'd have to replace it one day -- and I'd never find one in the same condition, at least not for a reasonable price.

I guess there's just one solution: I must buy a house with a big garage. Or a big garage with a little house. If only I could find a job in northern Washington...

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