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Posted by mark r on January 20, 2003 at 23:38:37:

The purists will cringe, but without changing the outer appearance of my 2A, I've got it to perform much better - I use it daily for my commute to work.
Round over the top edge of the cylinder bore adjacent to the valves to help gas flow - do this with care!
Polish the ports in the block. Shape the protrusion on the valve guide in the ports into a semi teardrop profile - without removing too much material.
Clean out the manifold bores, ease the sharp bend inside the intake manifold.
Match the manifold - gasket - block junctions. Blend the carb base, gasket and manifold opening. Blend the exhaust manifold to header pipe.
Use the next size up on the exhaust pipe with a free flow muffler.
For a decent top end speed you must have an overdrive and (un)locking front hubs, and the rest of the vehicle must be mechanically sound and in good adjustment - no steering or brake problems!
If you don't idle in traffic, remove the fan in winter - keep it in the car, its quick to fit.
Try thinner oil in the engine, trans, TC and axles in colder weather.
The Jeep will never be a speed demon, but the perky performance allows me to keep up with the traffic - I can slipstream trucks at 70mph!

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